Lenmilk - complex equipment
and maintenance of dairy farms

We sell goods and equipment for animal care and milk production,
we provide technological and service support for dairy farms
in the north-western region of Russia
How we will be useful to you
unlike dealers who think only about their profits,
we work on the basis of customer needs, not on the capabilities of suppliers
Milking and cooling milk
  • milking parlors and linear milking machines
  • milk precooling and cooling tanks
  • related and consumables for milking
  • washing equipment, detergents and udder hygiene
  • modernization of the milking equipment
Keeping and comfort of animals
  • stall equipment, floor coverings
  • feeding and drinking
  • ventilation and water treatment
  • care products: brushes, combing, groomers
  • hoof care products
  • calf houses, dairy taxi
Herd management
  • Heatime and Sence Hub herd management systems - online monitoring of animal health, sex hunting and rumination
  • animal identification products
  • design and construction of livestock farms
  • installation and maintenance of equipment
  • milk production technology setting
  • technological and technical audit
  • management according to HASSP principles
Manure removal, processing and storage
  • manure removal equipment
  • manure processing and separation equipment
  • manure storage tanks
  • turnkey design, production and installation